5 Side Effects of Protein Powders

World health research on use of Protein Powders has looked in to the side effects of the supplements. Besides the benefits of Protein Powders, there has also been found some side effect when used. We can never underestimate the power of this great supplement. But we can never take its side effects for granted as well. Its side effects become worsens when taken by people with lactose intolerance and by people having skin allergies.

Top most popular side effects of Protein Powders:

Despite of one of the best supplement, the Protein Powders has some adverse effects as well. The 5 most popular side effects of Protein Powders embrace:

1. Increase in blood’s PH level:

One of the very bad side effects of Protein Powders is increase in PH blood level. According to health services, body should keep optimal level of PH. When it increases the blood becomes more acidic. And unfortunately Protein Powders when taken in huge amounts can lead to high level of blood Ph level

2. can cause joint’s disease like Osteoporosis:

It’s somehow shocking that how a protein enriched thing can cause joint’s disease. But fact is it can happen so. It’s because when we take large amount of Protein Powders, it releases more calcium which leads to less deposit of calcium and more release of calcium. This lack of calcium deposit can later on cause osteoporosis.

3. Allergy:

The people, who are having intolerance to lactose level, can develop many various allergic problems. It can include visible skin allergies as well. The people with lactose intolerance would be unable to digest lactose found in dairy products and Protein Powders, and in various supplements. When they keep lactose non-digestive it in turn causes various allergies.

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4. Kidney stone;

The very bad and painful side effect of Protein Powders is development of kidney stones. Kidney stone is caused by Protein Powders due to high blood’s acidity and due to large amount of unused calcium. This large amount of unused calcium and acidity leads to development of kidney stones and it can be very painful.

5. Liver damage:

Due to huge and huge consumption of Protein Powders, a very diverse effects can happens and that is liver damage. And once the liver gets damage it can create many various problems.need more detailed updates?

Protein Powders are one of the best supplements and there is no doubt in this fact. But despite of this fact, sometimes they cause many various adverse effects as well. The 5 major adverse effects of Protein Powders embrace liver failure, kidney stone, allergies, high in blood ph level and joints problems.

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