Protein Powders Supplement For Pregnant Women And Children Is It Necessary?

protein-powderThe protein powders supplement today is making a big buzz in the market. Consumers are awed with the wonders of this supplement, and the majority are curious if the supplement is true. The effect of taking a protein supplement is magnified that even included prominent movie and TV stars. It is no wonder why this supplement has sky rocketed in just over a few months when some of the reality TV show starts began airing advertisement and series. However, the big question now is the protein supplement needed for pregnant women and children?

Yes and No?

Pregnant Women
The answer could be yes or no confusing as it may seem, but this is true. Here are the facts. Pregnant women needs on an average 0.8 grams of protein during the early semesters of pregnancy and 1.3grams during the last semester of pregnancy. Based from this need alone, one can tell that these women need the protein powder as a supplement. However, ONLY the medical people, like the OB-GYNE can expertly advice pregnant women to take a protein supplement or not.

Protein comes from, fish, cheese, pork, chicken/turkey, lean beef, tofu, beans, eggs, yogurt and nuts.Pregnant women can easily compensate the lack or the needed protein as the pregnancy progresses. However, when pregnant women are diagnosed to have allergies or some health conditions that won’t allow them to consume more protein, then this is the time that immediate medical intervention is sought. Their doctor can prescribe an alternative food or supplement to replenish the needed protein in the body. In this case, yes the protein supplement is necessary based on sound medical advice. Otherwise, pregnant women do not need to take the necessary protein supplement.

Growing kids need more protein as they grow to help build their muscles and bones. However, these kids do not necessary have to take the supplements, protein for one because they can get the needed protein by eating to “grow” food or the protein-rich food. Meat, dairy, eggs are among the children’s favourite food what is required here is more on health teaching by the parents and food discipline for their kids to consume enough protein. Should there be any protein deficiency; a medical assessment is needed before jumping into the protein powder supplement.

Who Are The Best Candidates For Protein Powder Supplement?

Individuals who want to lose fat and improve muscle tone, strength and size are the best candidates for this supplement. Serious body builders, athletes and those who want to reduce weight can take the supplement only after the advice from their instructor or member of the healthcare team.

While protein powder supplements are proven by clinical studies to help shape the body, increase the muscle strength and improve the overall weight, this supplement should only be taken upon the advice of the expert, like the doctor to be safe. Lastly, drinking protein supplement alone does not produce an instant effect on the body but through proper exercise, training and diet.

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