Some Arm Exercises for Women

While the current trend for full body weight exercises ranges on, it’s good to have a regimen of arm exercises for women as arm muscles are used and exposed more than any muscle in the body. Starting such a program will give you more confidence when wearing sleeveless or strapless clothing.

Arm exercises for women include many variations to work the different arm muscles. The deltoids or shoulder muscles, rotator cuffs, biceps and triceps need special workouts in order to maintain a toned appearance. Especially the triceps that can become flabby and are a concern for most women.

Four arm exercises for women that are quite effective include, the Double Arm Lift, the Sun Lift, Arm Extensions, and Arm Curls. Some of these arm exercises involve the abdominals, which make for a great abs workout for women.

Double Arm Lift

The Double Arm Lift is done by standing with your feet apart and knees slightly bent. By using a weight for each hand, allow your arms to drop in front of your body 6 inches from your thighs. Raise your fists to the height of your shoulders and hold that position for 5 seconds. Slowly lower your fists back to your thighs. As you repeat this motion, you will gradually see better muscle definition.

Sun Lift

Two of these four arm exercises for women, are designed to work the abdominals and aid in losing that annoying belly fat. The first being the Sun Lift, is accomplished by lying on your back and stretching your arms out from your sides. With weights in both palms and keeping your arms straight, constrict your abs while lifting your arms to meet above your chest. As you hold this position for 10 seconds, make sure that you breathe naturally, then lower your arms back to the starting point.

Arm Extensions

arm workout

Another workout among arm exercises for women is Arm Extensions. This exercise is fairly familiar and is done by using a weight in each hand while tightening your abs with knees slightly bent. Keep a straight back for this exercise and lower your body by bending forward at the hip flexors to about 45 degrees. Without moving your upper arms, extend your arms back, then slowly curl them forward to the starting point and repeat.

Arm Curls

The Arm Curl is considered as effective on the list of arm exercises for women. It requires you to sit in a chair with your back and torso straight and aligned. While letting your arms relax along your sides with weights in each hand, face your palms toward the ceiling and curl up to the height of your shoulders. Hold that position for a few seconds and then lower your arms back down along your sides

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